Walnut Dining Table Godenza Moe's Home Collection  CB-1004-03 (front view)
Walnut Dining Table Godenza Moe's Home Collection CB-1004-03 (front view)
Walnut Dining Table Godenza Moe's Home Collection CB-1004-03 (room view)
Walnut Dining Table Godenza Moe's Home Collection CB-1004-03 (top view)
Walnut Dining Table Godenza Moe's Home Collection CB-1004-03 (close up)
Walnut Dining Table Godenza Moe's Home Collection CB-1004-03 (close up side view)
Walnut Dining Table Godenza Moe's Home Collection CB-1004-03
Walnut Dining Table Godenza Moe's Home Collection CB-1004-03 (bottom view)
Walnut Dining Table Godenza Moe's Home Collection CB-1004-03 (dimension view)

Walnut Dining Table - GODENZA by Moes Home Collection

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    The Godenza Walnut Dining Table has a beautiful mid-century modern design that gives your dining room a subtle sophistication with its contemporary styled legs.  Simple lines and walnut wood provide a retro Mid-Century look.  Spacious seating for up to 8 people.  Solid wood provides a natural and long lasting piece of furniture.

    If you're searching for a wood dining table, Walnut Wood is an excellent choice.  It is a popular choice due to being valued and loved for its rich brown colors as well as its toughness and endurance.   A Walnut Dining Table adds a simple and elegant style to any Dining Room.  The quality of the wood is also what makes the Walnut furniture pieces more costly.  You're paying for quality pieces that can last more than a lifetime.  Each walnut wood grain has its own beautiful unique design.  The details of the wood grain make each wood dining table a unique centerpiece for your dinner parties and family gatherings.  You can choose from our selection of Solid American Walnut Wood, Black Walnut Wood, and English Walnut Wood.  A solid walnut construction is resistant to chipping and other damage.  Helps achieve a midcentury modern or contemporary modern look in your home.  Create a cohesive dining space by pairing with other Walnut Wood furniture.  

    Keep Walnut Furniture in an indoor environment and out of direct sunlight as it can cause dark-colored walnut to lighten over time.  Wipe wooden furniture down regularly with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust. Use warm water and a mild soap to clean wooden furniture. 

    Bello Villa is the best place to find Solid Wood Dining Tables.  We offer Free Shipping on every order as well as the best customer service.  We work on weekends and we regularly check emails for any questions you may have.   Find the perfect size, shape, and natural finishes of Walnut dining tables at Bello Villa.  


    We understand how important your home is and how decorating your kitchen, dining room or bedrooms with classy, contemporary furnishings can help make it a place that reflects who you are. We believe in the power modern furniture has in creating not just a home but YOUR home. We believe in feeling good about our home's environment, and we think you do too.

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     Weights & Dimensions:

    • Size : 71"W x 35.5"D x 29.5"H ;  85 LBS    
    • Distance Between Legs (short side) :   28.5"
    • Distance Between Legs (long side) :     48.4"


    Product Details:

    • Material:   Solid American Walnut Wood
    • Finish: Natural Finish
    • Color: Brown
    • Distressed Finishing : No
    • Shape: Rectangular Table
    • Seating Capacity: 8 
    • Category: Dining Tables
    • Style: Mid-Century Modern
    • Weight Capacity: 325 LBS
    • Product Care : Wipe clean with dry cloth
    • Country of Origin : Vietnam
    • Assembly Required: Some Assembly Required



    • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects


    • Brand: Moe's Home Collection
    • Product ID: Moe's Home Collection Godenza Walnut Dining Table CB-1004-03
    • Product Name:  - Moe's Home Collection Godenza Walnut Dining Table 

     When you buy the Godenza Walnut Dining Table online from Bello Villa, we always provide excellent customer service from start to finish.  We will keep you informed about the delivery of your product.  Our customers happiness is our number 1 priority and we are happy to help you find the perfect item.  If you have any questions about your purchase or any other product for sale email us at and we are happy to help.   Bello Villa has the perfect pieces to complete your home designs.  Moe's Home Collection Godenza Walnut Dining Table CB-1004-03




    Our story begins in 1986, when Moe Samieian Sr opened Moe’s as a Fine Rugs and Furniture store in South Granville, Vancouver. Looking to expand the business, Moe’s entered into the wholesale market in 1999 and opened a head office in San Francisco. By the early 2000’s, Sara Samieian and Moe Samieian Jr. joined both their parents after graduating from the University of British Columbia – making Moe’s the family institution it is today.

    When the 2008/2009 recession hit, the furniture industry suffered, seeing many of our competitors closing their doors by 2010.  We struggled as well, but believe that struggling and failing is where we learn to grow. The recession caused us to build from the ground up. We decided to illustrate our diverse product and focus on our strength – product development.

    Since 2009, we have seen exponential growth in both the retail and wholesale divisions of the company. Having recently launched our Licensee Program in 2017, we have seen great success in expanding the Moe’s brand internationally and look forward to more stores opening in the future. In addition to a growing retail division, we have two major USA showrooms in High Point, NC and Las Vegas NV.

    We truly believe that your home should be your oasis. A place that reflects your personality and great sense of style. Our promise to you is that we will always take great care in designing products, giving you customer curated collections with simple design for the everyday home.

    Shop the perfect Dining Table at Bello Villa.  The ideal Dining Table will be one that fits in your space, timeless style, and good quality that will last for years.    Don't buy into trends that you may grow out of in a few years.  Buy something that you know you will love years later.  Rectangular shaped dining tables are the most common so you'll find many options of this shape.  If you have a smaller space consider round or oval dining tables which will take up less room.   The base will also have an effect on how many people can comfortably fit on the table.  Check to make sure the base doesn't take too much space of the leg room needed.  If the legs are thinner, it will be easier to squeeze in an extra seat.  Make sure the Dining Table you pick fits comfortably in your dining area.  Give about 3-4 feet of room from each side.     Chose the right style that will look nice in your room.  We have a variety of styles from Modern, Contemporary, Mid-Century and Transitional. 

     in every house there is a unique dining tables that shines the place.  usually dining tables provide a lovely experience for the whole family.  people living in the home or guests love to see beautiful dining tables.  living rooms offer the opportunity to engage around the dining tables and eat have some drinks and chit chat.  The family dining table has played an important role within the home throughout the ages and will continue to do so in the future. You should seek to enhance the aesthetics of your dining room as much as possible and value the significance of the dining table in your home.  what size dining table suits your kitchen or living room space.  what type of dining table is best for you.  all these questions are great thoughts to have to find the perfect dining table.  The dining table has always been a symbol of many things: the place where we nourish ourselves, where we come together, celebrate important milestones, share experiences, and create new understandings. Not for nothing, it is a place often associated with the word conviviality; a word that means festivity, joviality, cordiality and friendliness.  it's been a long time since we can gather together so get your beautiful dining table today .  what shape should you get.  we have round dining tables and rectangular dining tables.  there are modern dining tables which look great in any home.