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Oak wood is dense and strong with an appealing natural grain that has texture you can see and feel.  An oak dining table will give a cozy and inviting touch to your dining room.  It is great for dinner parties and family holidays.  If you're looking for a practical dining table, an oak dining table would be perfect. These tables are great for families with children since they will not get damaged easily.  Oak wood tables will last many years and will look great in any dining room.    Oak Dining Table's are great for a minimalistic simple look.  Their light color brightens up the room and are a great addition to any dining space.  The detail in the wooden grain gives each piece a unique look.
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Wipe wooden furniture down regularly with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust. Use warm water and a mild soap to clean wooden furniture. Place your wooden furniture away from prolonged direct sunlight as this can result in “spotting,” a phenomenon where bright and dark spots appear across the surface


Find the perfect furniture for your home.  


Whether you have a new home to furnish or you want to refresh your home with new and inspiring updates you will have plenty of options at Bello Villa.  Shop our collections of stylish furniture from Solid Wood Dining Tables and Chairs,  Cabinets, Sideboards, Coffee Tables, Live edge coffee tables to accents and more! Finding the perfect furniture that is both practical and stylish can be challenging, however we have done all the work for you.  We select our Brands carefully to ensure that they offer high quality furniture as well as the best customer service.  When you buy furniture from Bello Villa it will last for many years to come.  Anything you buy at Bello Villa has a 1 year warranty included and we offer 30 Day Returns as well.  So you know that you can shop worry free at Bello Villa!  Here are the most important things to consider while searching for the perfect pieces.


Before you start searching for specific dining sets, you should decide on a theme.  Once you have found the style that you like you should add furniture and décor of that style throughout your home in order to create a cohesive flow.  Once you have chosen a theme, you will see how much easier it is to find furniture that compliments each other throughout your home.   We specialize in Modern, Contemporary, Transitional Styles, and Mid Century styles.


Modern furniture refers to the past from 1920's to 1970's.  Modern furniture focuses on simple geometric shapes.  Smooth, straight lines, and artistic clean appearance is what makes up a modern look.  Modern furniture uses materials of woods and metals with neutral colors accented by vivid hues.   Modern Style has a minimalistic look with lots of open space.  Modern Design usually has earthier colors.  


 Contemporary style refers to the now and future.  Contemporary style often gets confused with Modern style as there are many similarities.  Contemporary style also has an open space feel with a clean sharp lines.  They both have a minimalistic look.   Contemporary Furniture can have odd shapes and more rounded lines.  Contemporary design usually sticks to neutrals such as black, white, and grey with accents of bold colors .  Contemporary style is comfortable and welcoming.  Contemporary designs use glass and metal. 


Transitional is a popular design style because it uses a combination of traditional and modern designs to create a balanced look.  The use of modern materials & plush furnishings is what creates this unique style.  The use of neutral colors creates a calm and relaxed space that feels not only stylish and sleek but also warm.



Purchasing furniture that will last for many years should be a priority.  The textiles and textures are a good indicator of how long your furniture will last.   If you invest in high-quality furniture we offer you can enjoy it for years to come.  You can buyer cheap furniture, but you will most likely have to buy furniture sooner than later because it will not last. 

Wood Dining Table - high quality material that is very durable and will last a long time.  Most people will pay a higher price for wood furniture that they know will last for years to come.  Walnut and Oak Wood are excellent choices.  Be sure to check out our Walnut Wood Dining Tables as well.