Where to buy solid wood bookcases?

Where to buy solid wood bookcases?


Bello Villa has a wide assortment of solid wood bookcases.  Get organized and add a solid wood bookcase to any room in your house.  You can add books if you're a bookworm or other decorative collections to create a modern classic look.  We have many designs to pick from that are so versatile they will look great in the bedroom, living room, office, or any room in your home.  Find the best solid wood bookcases at Bello Villa.  Elevate your home by adding Bookshelves to different rooms.  This is an easy way to change the look of your space without redecorating the entire area.  

LAX Series has a nice variety of Non Toxin, No VOC or formaldehyde  solid wood bookcases in Walnut or Ash wood to choose from.  Perfect for smaller spaces.  The 4 x 2 Bookcase and 2x5 bookcases are widely agreed to be one of the most functional pieces in the LAXseries catalog.  Use the cubicles to store everything from books, art, dinnerware and vinyl records and place your television on top for the ultimate entertainment console. Your imagination is the only anchor so let it soar.


LAXSeries by Mash Studios 4x2 Bookcase                                                     LAXSeries by Mash Studios 2x5 Bookcase



White Bookcase     

White Wood Bookshelf - Lark by Butler Specialty Company

To brighten up your bedroom, living room, or any room in your home we have the perfect bookcase to do just that.  The white wood bookcase is Transitional Modern with a " pop "of color and a glam of Gold Metallic hardware to enjoy in every room. The colorway of the brushed wood veneers lend a beauty and elegance to the style. The functional 5 shelves offer fantastic storage space while the storage drawer is adorned with gleaming metallic gold statement hardware. The simplicity of this design allows storage to be prominently displayed while surrounded by color to enhance every room. The statement of color and glam is all yours with this style and the coordinating style pieces.  Place your accent pieces, framed photos, and books to create an organized modern look.



For larger spaces or offices the perfect bookcase is the 5x5 Solid Wood bookcase.  LAXseries’ Bookcases provide the ultimate solution for all your storage needs. Each of the piece’s twenty-five cubicles creates a fantastic space to house books, art, dishware, vinyl records and more.  Crafted from English walnut, this piece seamlessly integrates into any home.


5x5 Solid Wood Bookcase

 Shop at Bello Villa for the Best Solid Wood Bookcases.  Get Free shipping on solid wood bookcases and bookshelves on all orders.

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