What to look for in a Channel Setting Diamond Ring?

What to Look for in a Channel Setting Diamond Ring?

What is a Channel set Ring ? 

Channel set rings are a great affordable option since the diamonds are set on the shank of the ring along a track between two walls of metal.  If you are on a budget, this is a perfect option for you as it allows to select less expensive diamonds as it minimizes imperfections. 

  • Which Diamond cuts are ideal for a Channel-set ring? Round cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds look best with a Channel set ring.  Whether you choose Yellow gold, Rose gold, or White gold is just a preference.  They all look great as it's an elegant classic style that you can pass down for generations.


  • How can I tell if the ring is high quality?  That really depends on who made the ring. If it was mass produced oversees chances are its not great quality.  This type of ring requires experienced Jewelers & Setters to carefully handcraft and set the diamonds in order to ensure durability.  A cheaper option is usually not the best option.  Our jewelers and setters have over 15-20 years of experience.


  • Durability? The Channel settings are very durable and since there are no prongs it won't snag your clothes.  The Metal edges also help protect the diamonds making this a great setting type


How to Care for a Channel Setting Ring?

The Channel Set Rings are great for protecting the stones as they don't have prongs or pavé diamonds making it more durable.  

The ring is more prone to getting dirt or lotion trapped within the metals so we recommend taking good care of it.  Avoid wearing lotions or perfumes while wearing the ring and keep away from household chemicals.  See our care guide here.  Cleaning it at home and sending it to us annually to be steam cleaned will also ensure that it stays clean.  


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