Gold Filled vs Gold Plated Jewelry - what is the difference ?

Gold Filled vs Gold Plated Jewelry 


It is crucial to understand the difference between gold plated, gold filled, and solid gold when purchasing jewelry so that you can make an informative decision.      


Gold Plated Jewelry is the least expensive of the three options as there is a thin layer of gold being used.  A thin layer of gold is applied with electrolytes on either a brass, copper, nickel or silver base.  The karat of the gold being used isn't significant since the layer is so thin.  This layer can be easily scratched and therefore has the least value.  



Gold Plated               Gold Filled         Solid Gold

Gold Filled Jewelry consists of 2-3 layers of solid gold over brass, silver, or other base metals. Gold filled jewelry is a better alternative to gold plated jewelry. It is more durable and will last much longer before you see fading of color.  

Solid Gold Jewelry 
is real gold.  The entire piece is made of gold.  This is why it is the most expensive and durable type of jewelry.  Solid gold is the best choice since it is durable and can be handed down for generations to come.  It is water resistant, easily repaired, can be re-used/ recycled, durable, and tarnish resistant.  Due to its value it will come at a higher price.  

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