Affordable Luxury - Emerald Necklaces at Bello Villa

Affordable Luxury - Emerald Necklaces at Bello Villa

Emeralds have been popular for centuries and are a favorite amongst celebrities.   Below is Megan Fox's stunning engagement ring featuring a gorgeous pear shaped Emerald and Diamond.  



At Bello Villa we create affordable luxury pieces for our customers to enjoy a touch of royalty at reasonable prices.  Our classic 14K Gold Natural Emerald Necklaces are an elegant timeless piece featuring a Columbian Emerald and solid gold chain.  The Emerald is horizontally prong-set with an open back allowing light in from all angles for maximum shine.  This lovely solitaire gold emerald pendant necklace is attached to a 16"-18" adjustable 14K solid gold cable link chain. This is the perfect gift to show your loved one you care for any occasion.  


When you buy the Simple Emerald Necklace from Bello Villa, we always provide excellent customer service from start to finish.  We will keep you informed about the delivery of your product.  Our customer's happiness is our number 1 priority and we are happy to help you find the perfect item.  If you have any questions about your purchase or any other product for sale email us at and we are happy to help.  


 All our fine jewelry is made to order, please allow 3 weeks to be specially made for you.    



How to Care for the Emerald Necklace?

To maintain the beauty and color of the Natural Colombian Emerald Necklace, you need to take good care of the gemstone.  Emeralds are a precious gemstone and require delicate care.  We recommend to clean the emerald with a mild soapy cloth and then rinsing them lightly with water. 

Emeralds are also easily scratched as they are a softer gemstone.  Make sure that you wear your jewelry after wearing your outfits in order to avoid scratching the gemstone.  Avoid wearing your emerald jewelry while working out, doing household chores, or washing dishes. Emerald jewelry can still be worn daily if you follow these simple habits to keep them in optimum condition.    

Use soft cloth or pouches to store emeralds and keep them away from other jewelry.  Do not expose to extreme temperatures as they may crack.  Also, do not leave the emerald under direct sunlight, they should be stored in a jewelry box or in room temperature.



 How to Custom Order Jewelry?

Can't find what you are looking for?  Not to worry, we are custom experts and we can create your jewelry the way you like it.  Click Here to learn more about custom orders at Bello Villa. 

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